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What's The Difference Between Local Marketing, Local SEO And National SEO?

Pete Semple

A common question is:

"What Is The Difference between Local Marketing, Local SEO and Regular SEO?"

Here's A Quick Explanation:

Local search results

Local Business Listings - These packages list your business in the local search results shown in Google Maps, Google business listings and on smartphones and tablet maps and results. These are for businesses with a permanent address.

They also get your business listed in online business directories, GPS devices and mobile phone 411 directories. They're necessary for searches involving your type of business, such "Nail salon Houston".

Local SEO - These packages target specific online searches in a local area. They promote your website when people search a geographic area like, "Kids Activities in Denver".

A local SEO campaign can help with general and local searches when a local business listing might not come up in the search results.

Since the search is specific to a general area, Denver, you don't need to compete with results on a national scale so a Local SEO Campaign is perfect for making sure your site comes up under these types of searches.

National SEO - Are for when you're competing for a national audience for more competitive searches like, "Organic Dog Food". If you ship nationwide, you want to be seen by anyone in the country who wants this product.

Retailers targeting national audiences usually face more competition and national SEO campaigns tend to be more robust in spreading your content online and are therefore more expensive.

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