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Right Hand Planning is a professional marketing agency that develops marketing strategies that help brands build traffic, leads and sales.


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What If You Hate Marketing? Three Easy Examples To Love

Pete Semple

Are You Too Shy Or Not "Salesy" Enough To Promote Yourself?

  • A shy brand gets noticed with simple but memorable tchotchkes
  • How to smoothly get Yelp reviews
  • A work-at-home mom offers free seminars 
  • How to miss a huge opportunity..


"There are so many ways to do marketing. Why not pick one you enjoy to be sure you're going to actually do it?"

Suzanne Bird Harris

How To Find Marketing You Enjoy

Herb Tarlek wkrp

There are aspects of marketing that make us not want to tell people we're marketers or not want to do marketing if we're business owners.

But that's because the concept of "Marketing" is so broad and because it often gets equated with sales. Not that there's anything wrong with sales. Sales is a proud part of marketing.

There's so much more to marketing than pop culture stereotypes and tactics and it shouldn't be hard to find a part of marketing you love.


...It shouldn't be hard to find a part of marketing you love

- A wise man just said that

What's The Difference Between Marketing, Advertising and Sales?

This comes up a lot so let's get it out of the way. Marketing is making people aware there's a product for sale. Sales is completing the transaction with a customer - delivering the product and collecting the money. Sales is usually more direct and often involves talking one-on-one with a buyer or decision maker to make the deal go down.

Sales and advertising are both subsets of marketing.

Advertising is a type of marketing that often uses mass media to make consumers aware of a product or product attributes.

Many people reading this aren't marketers. They're artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers or other non business-world people. Yet there are ways for you to feel comfortable promoting yourself, read on...

Marketing Ideas For Introverts And Others

Salespeople are a different breed and they love to get out and glad-hand prospects. If that's not you, try to do it for a while anyway (we should all try to shore up our weak areas) but if it's never going to be you, hire a consultative (i.e. listening) sales person or team. Don't keep doing it yourself if you're terrible.

Your experience doing sales will help you hire and manage the person with traits you don't have. (But sales doesn't mean pushy and obnoxious, like Herb Tarlek)

What Is Branding?


Brands live in the hearts and minds of consumers

Branding can mean slapping your name on everything (not a bad idea really, if you can afford it. Right, Mr. Trump?)

And if you look at the quote above, branding is also about making a name for yourself. This includes service, reputation, return policy, cleanliness - how you carry yourself and the word that travels out to others from that.

Easy Introvert Marketing Tip # 1 - Polish Brand And Subtly Promote

If you're proud of what you do branding should be easy. Not the ordering of polo shirts wit your logo and big signs and high-profile sponsorships, but the quality that speaks for itself among your target as you do what you do with good intentions.

Promote Yourself The Way You're Comfortable


You are "branding" (making a name for yourself) if you just do a great job. But try to tout it somehow too.It's a crowded and noisy market place out there.

You don't have to spend money on cheesy tchotchkes, but instead look for unusual and memorable ways to sneak your brand in front of people at the right times. Everyone does trade show trinkets - is there a way you can do it differently or unexpectedly?

Different Noticeable Branding Example:

Someone gave us a milk frother for coffee. We loved this little spinner that made regular-brewed coffee into a frothy beverage. Years later the batteries needed replacing. When we popped out the AAs, check out what we saw - branded batteries with the Aerolatte logo, colors and tagline, "Steam Free Milk" - we fell in love with this brand all over again.

Yes, we want their cool "Steam Free Milk" back in our lives. These aren't batteries, they're a part of our morning ritual. Plus, we want to associate with people who put this amount of thought into the batteries that are rarely seen. What pride they must have in their product.

Cable Remotes And Cheap Batteries

Have you ever replaced the batteries in your cable remote control? They are cheapie brand batteries. They last a long time, but when I see what I've been using, I wonder why I've been paying $150 a month all these years. Have they been taking advantage of me?

Easy Introvert Marketing Tip #2 - Ask For Yelp Reviews

Restaurant Yelp Reviews back

Yelp reviews rule because we consumers love to read them and because throughout Google's recent updates Yelp still stays prominent on the search engine results page (SERP).

There are some nasty rumors about Yelp's power, but the place to be (as with Google) is on top and in their good graces.

Ask For Yelp Reviews In Your Own Way. Make it easy and smooth to get happy customer reviews with an easy well-placed "ask".

Here's Where Your Sales Experience Pays Off

Remember that sales training we suggested you to do? If you read sales books, you might have learned sales techniques that were uncomfortable to you. Or you might have learned how to sell as yourself. But at some point it comes down to Closing or The Ask. You don't get whatever your goal is until you request it*.

Check Out This Subtle Way To Ask For Yelp Reviews


In this photo, a small restaurant in L.A. County isn't shy about asking. It doesn't matter if the server isn't comfortable asking directly, as long as this card is dropped off with the check. What a perfect activity for the smartphone addict to do while waiting to have their bill picked up.

What if the reviews aren't good? Fix the problem. It's better to know right away than be badmouthed online and be unaware of it.

But this isn't going to be the case - because an owner and server who are seeking Yelp reviews know to protect and promote the brand.

Work At Home Mom Teaches A Free WordPress Seminar

If you are looking for help with WordPress, Suzanne Bird Harris of runs a free WordPress clinic every second Thursday of the month. When she told me about it, it was because she enjoyed doing it and she knew I would benefit, it wasn't as any sort of a marketing gimmick.

Suzanne is the person from whom we got the great quote at the beginning of this article (and I'm paraphrasing),


"There are so many ways to do marketing. Why not pick one you enjoy to be sure you're going to actually do it?"

- Suzanne Bird Harris

From that comment we knew she had a point. And right away it became clear that no matter what marketing you're doing because you think you have to, all these initiatives take time, money and effort, and if they're not enjoyable you're not going to keep them up.

So market subtlety or passively or freely - but make it enjoyable, and do it from the heart and you'll do fine :-)

* A famous business anecdote says that a friend of automaker Henry Ford asked, "Why did you buy life insurance from that stranger instead of me?" and Ford replied, "Because you never asked."