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Wean Yourself Off SEO and Google

Pete Semple

Is SEO Ever Irrelevant?

Probably not because you wouldn't want to cede your best keywords to a competitor, for example. But if you don't rely on search for much of your traffic you don't need to worry as much about SEO and keyword rankings in Google. And that's a very good thing.

The graph at the right is a beautiful site. These people largely own their business rather than being heavily dependent on Google. Pie Chart Showing Only 13% Search TrafficAs you can see it shows the site is only getting 13% of its traffic from Search.

Most visitors are coming right to URL, probably from bookmarks and another 33% are referred from another site.

The point is, this site is in control of about 86% of its traffic. If Google stop serving up their site they be out only 13% of their business.

But this is much better than too many other sites out there. We've seen a 10-year-old online retailer who was dependent on 80% of their traffic coming from search engine - 80% - every month. One algo change that affects their ranking, and they woud be out of business.

How To Get Away From SEO and Google

Use Pay Per Click Advertising like AdWords

"But doesn't this cost money?" Yes. And you'll be happy to spend it because you'll only put more money into when you see that it's paying off. And BTW, SEO costs money too. It takes a lot of time and it's not reliable in the long run. We still do it. I always will. It's part of the puzzle, but it's not everything.Learn more about AdWords and PPC. advertising.

Use Email Marketing

Give away something for free, all they have to do is give their name and email address an they can download it. Now you have the start of a relationship with a customer. Google can't take this away from you. And people like to do business with people they know. More on how to do email marketing.