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See Why Your Facebook Posts Should Have Photos

Pete Semple

A quick word about Facebook posts - and why seasoned internet marketers move to Instagram* - the word is: "pictures". A Facebook post with no picturesThis morning we were going through our Facebook feed looking for posts to share from our online friends.

Once again we noticed that the posts without links or pictures look OK on the original posters page, but almost all branding and messaging gets lost when the post is shared onto another page, which we can see when we see the shared version in our feed (top photo at right)

Content Is Reading :-( Pictures Are Fun!

Everyone wants to publish content but few have time to read it. Pictures make it easy for you to get your point across to your audience in fast, fun way.

As Henry Ford said in 1922, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Wait...yes, it was definitely Henry Ford who said that. ;-)**

What Do You See Here?

No use of drink photo on Facebook postIn this example, there's a really interesting description of the "United Nations of Booze", but you'll be forgiven for wondering why those young men are standing around a table in an office conference room. Pictures are compelling aren't they?

Food and drink photos are as consumable and sharable as cat and puppy pics but unfortunately Cinco missed the opportunity on this one. And Cinco makes beautiful cocktails with square cubes of ice and fresh herbs. It would be great to see that "Balloon d'or Cachaca" drink in its final presentation.

Photos Help Brand You

Facebook post with PhotoLook how hard it is to see the original poster in the example at the top; it looks like message came from Right Hand Planning (me) not Silly Sally's.

Compare this to the photo below with the "Happy Father's Day" message.

Also, Playa Vista in this example made great use of their intriguing hashtags and even put them in a casual hand-written style font that matches the beach scene.


*"Why Marketers Love Instagram, Pinterest and Other Visual Social Networks"



**re: Internet quotes:

Abe Lincoln Internet Quote