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Three Simple Steps to Begin Social Media Marketing

Pete Semple

As a starting point, an introduction to social media marketing can begin in three simple steps:

  • Create content
  • Promote
  • Repeat

This shampoo-instruction level breakdown is offered because to some busy business owners, and to those of us trying to keep up with the fast-changing online world, the thought of "social media marketing" can feel overwhelming or intimidating or time consuming. By looking at it as three steps, (and one being "repeat"!) it feels doable.

Indeed there are additional details such as selecting a topic, finding the time, researching appropriate outlets to reach your target, crating a relevant message, networking with others etc. but by keeping it simple we hope to encourage some to get their feet wet.

Now let's stay on a small scale and add a little more detail with three more specific steps:

  • Start a blog and write one entry a week/two weeks/month
  • Post a link to your blog post on Facebook
  • Send an intriguing tweet inviting followers and the Twittervers to visit your blog's (shortened) url
  • For extra credit post a link to your content on Digg

Now you're social media marketing!

Yes these are simplistic baby steps, but we all start somewhere and sometimes it's hard to ask others basic questions out of fear of exposing one' s ignorance. And sometimes a  internet search of simple question returns an overwhelming amount of detailed information. Hope this helps someone out there.