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Two New Viral, Trackable Social Media Tools for Business

Pete Semple

Watching a business beg for Facebook Likes is starting to look a little sad as we all rush toward what we assume is an important metric, even if few of us know how to monetize social media followers.

How To Quantify And Track Social Media Efforts And Followers

GaggleAMP Viral Trackable Social MediaSomeone clever has come up with a simple bribe system to get their social media followers to spread a company's message to their own social circle - simply reward them for sharing.

Here's how GaggleAMP describes their service:

"For marketers looking to drive engagement through social media, GaggleAMP is the social marketing platform that lets them leverage the potential reach of individual employee, customer, and partner accounts through a unique, accountable, and privacy-assured message delivery model. Using GaggleAMP, companies are able to widely distribute their content and messages by creating a network of people (what we call a “Gaggle”) that share, Tweet, and post company-created messages and content. In addition to message amplification, GaggleAMP delivers a full range of related analytics and rich ROI reporting for activity on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn."

The idea is that you share your message with your current followers and then offer a reward incentive for getting them to pass on your message to their followers.

Encourages A Mix of Value and Rewards

If your company message has value, and the sender gets a reward for sharing, they shouldn't mind sending it on to their friends. Done right, we see this could have potential.The ability to track actions and maintain message integrity are crucial touches.

How To Use Video For Business Marketing

"Video is the fastest growing segment of the internet!" So they keep telling us, but what exactly are we supposed to do with this information? One could easily note that video growth includes the "talking" German Shepard and that other vast segment of you-know-what type videos.

Vyou Video q and a tool for business or funWell here's a cute tool that may catch on and end up having real business value. Or can at least give you bragging rights with your friends in a first to know, "Have you checked out Vyou yet?" moment.

Breakout Video Q & A Tool for Business

Vyou is what they call "Conversational Video", a forum in which you ask questions of others and receive a two-minute reply. Think of it as Yahoo Answers in video format. Anyone can be questioner, responder or both.

Current interesting applications in the form of Channels include the ability to interact with authors or celebrities or ask questions of members of the New York City Ballet.

What makes Vyou instantly engaging is that to get started you upload a 2-minute video of yourself keeping busy on camera as you wait for the incoming question. It's not live but it gives the impression of a live person there waiting to be talked to. Cool...

New York City Ballet on Vyou