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The New Post Penguin SEO (kidding...)

Pete Semple

The Fundamentals Of SEO Share By Classic Communication

The article linked to at the bottom is a great article because it talks about SEO practices today and how they differ from SEO before Google's Panda and Penguin updates -- or not. Guess what you need to do to align you site and external efforts to improve your search rankings?

[important]Promote yourself clearly with high quality material in an organized and focused way. This sounds familiar. Maybe something we learned back in a Communications course in college?[/important]

In Other Words,

"SEO Is Hard Work"

Isn't this the same way one would approach giving a speech, giving a toast, making a presentation to your boss, or a prospective customer? The fundamentals of SEO are the fundamentals of quality communication

  • Do your Homework - SEO, like quality communication, requires works not technical "tricks"
  • Understand Your Audience's Interests - keyword research
  • Map Out Your Plan - On site SEO and off-site link partners
  • Deliver Quality - Create relevant and useful content
  • Mind Your Objectives - Mesh your goals with your audience's interests
  • Monitor to Learn and Improve - Good practice in most areas of life!

Australian SEO professional Jason Mun uses his own terminology to flesh out essentially these points in an excellent discussion of how he approaches SEO.

If someone is promising you fast SEO results through the use of technical tricks, new-fangled gadgetry or low quality or spun content run away!

As your coach might have drilled into your head while growing up playing sports, "You gotta work on your fundamentals!" There really aren't any shortcuts, but it the process can be made much easier by following a solid plan. Which is exactly how Jason lays it out in his article linked to below.

Read Jason Mun's excellent article, "This Is Why I Love SEO"

This is Why I Love SEO

By Jason Mun . In SEO
Article: This Is Why I Love SEO