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What is “Web 2.0″?

Pete Semple

Web 2.0 is a geeky name for using the internet to have a two-way conversation instead of just providing info from you to your customers. Now the web talks back. And it expects you to reply.

Facebook, Twitter and Blogs

Facebook, Twitter and blogs, and any other tools that allow for two-way dialogue, are now  referred to as "web 2.0". "2.0" being tech talk for a next generation series of something. If we'd had this nomenclature earlier second spouses would be "husband 2.0" or "wife 2.0".

These tools are chatty compared to the first generation of informational, more static websites, sometimes referred to as "brochureware" because the readers finds  it, flips through it and looks at the quotes and pictures, operating hours and product rates.

Brochureware still has a place on the web too. Don't worry if the above describes your site. Informational sites are useful when people are in the informational gathering phase of shopping.

Sales, Marketing and Brand Implications

There's nothing like engagement in sales. Once a customer enters your store, or site, you send your best salesperson over to talk with them, right?

And what is the most important attribute in a good salesperson? Talking? No. Listening.

Websites that talk let a customer talk back to you are gold because they tell you exactly what is on the customer or prospect's mind. Are they asking about the quality of a lesser known brand? Perhaps they just need assurance or a few examples of who uses one? Is price or warranty an issue?

A salesperson with product knowledge knows how to answer these questions if they know what piece of information the prospect/customer is needing. Answering these initial questions and objections bring the salesperson one step closer to the close.

Are Twitter, Facebook and Blogs Temporary or Fads that Will Go Away?