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What’s a Local Retailer Supposed to Blog About?

Pete Semple

There's a lot of sites (like this one) saying that every business needs to use social media, but what is a local retailer or sole proprietor supposed to write about on a blog? Social Media Content IdeasA huge factor in getting word out about your site is coming up with content. Since social media is more like a dinner party than a timeshare pitch, here are some conversation starter topics. Talk amongst yourselves...

  • Get to know your customers by asking about their interests. And not just in relation to your product.
  • Discuss topics you are likely to have in common. For example, a plumber can write a post about why in some homes the shower loses temperature and pressure when a toilet is flushed. No need to give a sales pitch, just discuss why it happens and they'll know who to call.
  • Tell an interesting anecdote about your community or someone on your staff. This shows your caring side and personality.
  • Talk about the history, founding or early days of your business. The fear and sleepless nights, the early successes, funny stories from trial-by-fire situations.
  • Promote a local or national charity related to your community or your field. For example, a client of ours who is a birthday party clown ( links to the children's hospitals and Ronald McDonald houses in L.A., San Francisco and Boston where her service locations are.

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