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Virtual Loyalty Card App and More

Pete Semple

The site Brandmaker News has a good article listing, "11 iPhone Apps Entrepreneurs Love" (which actually includes a few bonus apps to bring the total to more than 11). Our Top Four Business Apps, Plus A Bonus

Below are our four business apps from their list, and our bonus includes a familiar app with an "Easter Egg" (a hidden unlockable feature) that you might not have discovered but that you'll enjoy wowing your friends with.

5. Square- Get money on the go. This app allows entrepreneurs to accept credit card payments directly from their iPhone or iPad. “The Square app lets me create invoices, accept credit cards, and issue receipts all in one. It’s also really elegant and easy to use. I can hand it to a customer, they select which teas they want, pay for it themselves, and email themselves a receipt… so I can focus on selling, teaching or explaining my products (tea) to them.” -Jim Schreiber, Shui Tea

6. PlacePop- Small business owners can create their own virtual loyalty cards using this app. “PlacePop lets local business owners set up a mobile rewards program for their location. Instead of handing out paper punchcards to customers, businesses can create a free “virtual” loyalty card at Customers can then download the free PlacePop app to start tracking their visits and earning loyalty rewards.” -Julia Graham, PlacePop

13. Hoover’s Near Here- If your business requires b2b sales, you definitely need to check out this app. Hoover’s Near Here helps you find, research and contact companies to lead you to your next customer. It’s an extremely helpful tool for the entrepreneur who spends time prospecting and trying to generate b2b sales.

Our Favorite App

Where we part ways is, they list an app called, "I am Hungry" which helps find eateries that are currently offering discounts, but do you really want to be coupon-ing it with clients?

Instead we're Yelp monocle going to again mention  Yelp!'s smart phone app and its Monocle feature. What's that? Your Yelp! app doesn't have a "monocle" option? Try opening the Yelp! app and giving the phone three good shakes. It might show a message saying, "monocle enabled" or just activate the camera with Yelp! review overlays showing in the viewfinder.

It should be noted that most if not all of these apps are available for Android enabled smart phones as well.

Read the full article at Brandmaker News,