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Google Page One - and No Website

Pete Semple

Ell_Bern_BostonUPDATE: December 13, 2010, I spoke with the owner Gary and he said he has thought about getting a site but decided he didn't need one. He monitors his reviews and mentions online but other than replying to the one review (see below) he's decided to let the work and customer reviews speak for themselves. In this case the result is a net positive. However it does go to demonstrate that whether you're participating in the online conversation or not, it's still going on about you...

- Pete

The place I found to get snow tires has no website but a huge presence on page one of Google's  search engine results pages.

They simply own the review sites and local listings. To find them in the first place I used Yelp to search "Tires" and my zip code.

Once their great reviews came up, I did a search of the company name to see what else people were saying about them, and wow, they are all over page one of Google SERP with excellent reviews on several sites and mentions in multiple local directories. See if you can find their actual website. I don't think they have one, but will ask when I return to get my car later today.

They've only responded to one review that I saw. It was a poor review and the owner submitted a response that he remembered the customer's car failed inspection and that he would never pass a car that deserved to fail. Other than that one instance he let the reviews speak for themselves.

Who needs a website when you have the web?

Google: "Ell Bern Boston" for an example of utilizing the power of social networks simply by being good at what you do.