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Easy Mobile Website Creator

Pete Semple

How Do You Know You Need A Mobile Site?

What's the tipping point that tells you when you need a mobile website?

And do you need a whole new site with different layout and navigation, or just a different-sized site for smaller screens?

The gut answer to when you need a mobile site is: now. You know things are quickly moving in that direction and that's why you're doing the research.

The technical, data-driven answer can come from Google Analytics which will tell you how much of your traffic is from mobile or tablet devices. But remember, this is a look back. No matter what business you're in mobile and tablet web browsing is on the rise.

Easy Ways To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Custom Apple Add to Home ButtonFirst, most websites look pretty good on mobile browsers. Especially now that the screens are getting larger and with better resolutions. So chances are your current site is just fine for now.

And there are some cool things you can do  ways to ease your business into the mobile website world without having to redesign and build a new site.

A very simple first step is to create a good-looking Apple icon button for your site so that Apple iPhone and iPad users can create a nice looking desktop shortcut to your site.

If you don't offer a cool little button of your own Apple users will see a shrunken version of your site on their desktop as your icon button. This might not be very pretty and could be hard to read.

Easy Mobile Website Creator

And it's not hard to take the plunge to a mobile website. Technology has made easy than you might have imagined (it keeps doing that, doesn't it?!).

Nowadays you don't even need a .mobi address. The "computer" will figure out which type of device is browsing the site and automatically display the correct site, mobile/table or "desktop", which today more often than means laptop.

How Much Does a Mobile Site Cost?

At Right Hand Planning we'll make you a site for Apple or Android mobile phones for $395.00.

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