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How to Sync MySpace with Facebook

Pete Semple

Many of us started a personal or business profile on MySpace a few years ago when it was the hot online property.

Import MySpace Settings to Facebook

Today Facebook users outnumber MySpace about 500 million to 150 million making Facebook the current place to be. Many of us small businesspeople who are busy cranking away at the basics of our business and are not that handy with (or into) updating our profile details in our social media accounts might like knowing about this tool to bring your MySpace preferences into your Facebook account.

It's called MySpace Sync ( and it is tool (or "app" in today's iPhone/iPad driven vernacular) put out by MySpace in cooperation with Facebook that walks you through the process of selecting what you'd like to share from MySpace to Facebook.Sync My Space with Facebook

Link - YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace

This tool also lets you share your MySpace information with Twitter and YouTube. Twitter also has an option that lets you share your tweets automatically to your Facebook and MySpace accounts - however - consider carefully whether this makes sense in your situation. There is a danger of message repeat and burnout. Your audience may not be interested in seeing the same message via multiple media. And although it's a timesaver it doesn't show a great deal of effort or creativity...

Hope this helps!