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Right Hand Planning is a professional marketing agency that develops marketing strategies that help brands build traffic, leads and sales.


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Best Use Of A Business Blog

Pete Semple

Getting busy businesspeople to blog by convincing them is worthwhile is an ongoing topic covered all over the net and one we've covered ourselves of how to connect your blog to other web and social media outlets

Dozens Of Articles From A Single Blog Post

What if we could convince you that a single blog entry has value as "content" and the ability to backlinks all over the web? It's definitely true and these guys at call it the Hub and Spoke model and have an nice infographic on Flicker showing how it works.

Is Duplicate Content A Real Danger?

The only real danger of duplicate content is lost opportunity. If you rewrite your content before you post it again elsewhere, there's a chance that you might use a different term or phrase related to your topic that just happens to match someone's search term thereby giving Google a chance to serve up that article in their search results.

But there's definitely no penalty from Google for having the exact same information in multiple places on the web. If you think about it, any news story from the Associated Press is syndicated thousands of times to various news outlets around the world and it appears in their websites in the same form.

Expand Presence To Multiple Forums

In fact, by using multiple websites and formats as suggested here there's a good chance to have your content seen in SlideShare by those searching within SlideShare, even though the content is the same as published on your blog. The same is true for having it seen within Facebook. Just by making it available in multiple places it's more likely to be seen by users in those forums.