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“Deal with” Yelp, or “Yelp it Up”? Sleep A Rama Loves Yelp

Pete Semple

Ways A Business Can Deal with Yelp

Sleep a Rama bed and mattress sellers in Cambridge and Boston MA ask their customers to review them on Yelp right on the sales receipt.

That's because Sleep a Rama's Yelp rating is a solid five stars, on 49 reviews! And Yelp is the second link to show up, just under the company's, in Google's SERP (search engine results page). Do you think an unblemished rating on Yelp helps when you are in the mattress selling business?

Keep Customers Happy and You'll Be Happy with Yelp

Sleep A Rama has turned Yelp in to a major marketing asset for themselves and there is only one reason they can - because they're very good at keeping their customers happy. In a low-trust business like mattress sellers the third party credibility a five star Yelp rating gives builds instant trust with potential customers.

However the only reason Sleep-a-Rama is able to capitalize on Yelp instead of fearing them, cursing them or ignoring them is because they really do provide a great product and service. You can't fake 40+ legitimate five star Yelp ratings. You can't game the Yelp system to that degree, you have to earn the love.

Ask For Yelp Reviews

And once you earn the love, and I'm sure they're reaping the rewards for it, why not ask people to continue it by requesting a Yelp review via the sales receipt?

This is the power and reality of "web 2.0" marketing. People are going to talk about your business online and you can only tangentially affect what is said.