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Right Hand Planning is a professional marketing agency that develops marketing strategies that help brands build traffic, leads and sales.


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How Do You Know If You Need SEO?

Pete Semple

It's a valid and important question. Is writing content enough? What about having clear meta tags for each page? Here are a three quick questions to help you gauge your SEO campaign:

  1. Do you know your primary and secondary keywords for each important page (url) of your site?
  2. Do you know where you rank for those keywords and where your competitors rank for them?
  3. Are you backlinking by looking for online marketing opportunities regularly and systematically - or at least semi-regularly and systematically?

If you answered Yes to these three questions you're doing well on the basics of SEO. If you aren't thinking along these lines then use these three points as the first steps in organizing your SEO objectives and strategies.

But before embarking on the above, maybe it's worth asking a few more questions...

What To Do Before Hiring for SEO or Doing SEO Yourself

There was a hint in question 1, "...for each important page (url) of your site".

Before you even begin picking keywords for your SEO campaign (the most important part of SEO) you should know exactly what pages of your site you intend to rank and why.

How to Select Pages Worthy of Keyword Targeting

Selecting which pages to promote and why is a matter of basic business fundamentals (which is great news if you're not into nerdy tech talk or marketing mumbo-jumbo).

It just means promoting your pages first that move the sales process forward. Examples might be:

  • Product sales pages
  • Email/lead capture pages
  • Free trial sign ups
  • Pages with engaging and informative videos

What about the home page? Maybe. But even a basic brochure-ware site can add an email sign up form or PDF download button to engage their visitors.

So, are you ready for SEO? Are you doing SEO but ready to start outsourcing all or parts of it? Do you want help engaging your site's visitors for maximum use of your site?

Want to talk to someone about marketing and SEO?

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