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Bing Is Stripped and Naked

Pete Semple

Have you seen the new Bing search results?

New Bing Search Results Page LayoutTalk about "Zig" when your competitors "Zag".

Bing has gone completely in the opposite direction from Google when it comes to displaying a cleaner, whiter search results page instead of a bunch of options down the left-hand margin of their Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Whereas Google recently went crazy with a bunch of options such as topic type (news, photos, etc.) or time information choices like date, last 12 hours, etc. Bing has gone completely old school and let the search results speak for themselves on the page.

Do You Like Bing's New Clean Search Results Page? Or prefer Google's Option-Filled One?

I like having a choice. That's what competitors should do to offset each other. I'll admit that I've become used to using Google's options, especially the date option when looking for time-sensitive information (like SEO tips post-Panda and Penguin), but there are times I can see my

Here is Bing discussing their decision: