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Social Media Management and Facebook Apps for Business

Pete Semple

Even if you plan to plan to oursource your social media management so you can "set it and forget it", deciding which Facebook apps to incorporate into your page is something to give serious thought to before turning everything over to your outsourcer.Location of Facebook Apps on Facebook Page Helping you select appropriate apps are for your company's Facebook page is one of the most important services we provide to our customers.

Facebook Apps can showcase your products, highlight your location and hours, play your videos to keep customers and prospects interacting with your brand and moving them through the purchase process.

What Are Facebook Apps and How Are They Helpful?

Everything today is all about Apps. Apps simplify the web and give you an easy way to give your customers everything they need in one place to keep them from surfing away for more information (apps keep them in your "walled garden" in internet-marketer speak).

In our four Social Media management packages, you can have from 1 to 6 Facebook apps installed and set up.  Here's a description of some of the more popular Facebook apps to get you thinking about which ones would be most helpful for to keep offer on your Facebook page:

  • Google Maps - perfect for brick-and-mortar stores whose marketing goals include driving foot traffic through the doors. Great for retailers, car dealerships, coffee shops, mechanics, muffler places or realtors' open houses.
  • Contact Form - Installs a standard Contact Us form for visitors to send you an email
  • Shopping Cart - Sell your products from your Facebook Page with a variety of shopping cart options.
  • Extended Info - This app lets you add a box with additional information to your Facebook page It's similar to a Widget in Wordpress, but  for your Facebok page. Extended Info App for Facebook (
  • YouTube for Pages - Connect your visitors with your YouTube channel to be sure they see all your sales and informational assets when they arrive at your Facebook Page.
  • Hosted iFrame or iFrame Apps - Hosted iFrame lets you build up to five custom tabs on your Facebook Page using HTML. This is content that will be hosted there on your Facebook page. iFrame Apps on the other hand allows you to add to custom tabs the content of which is imported via iFrames. This content is hosted elsewhere (probably your website) and uses iFrames to display on the tab in Facebook.

The difference is that with iFrame Apps, changes make to the site (or the source of the HTML) will automatically show up it the Facebook tab. Customer HTML built in Hosted IFrame tabs would have to be updated separately.

  • Oracle Involver is a good place to find several of popular Facebook apps. Some are free and some are tied in with paid services, but you can see them all here: Involver list of Apps
  • - Automatically import posts from up to five blogs into your Facebook Timeline. However, this can look spammy and may result in oversharing if you post frequently and don't add much else.

How to Find Apps For Facebook

How to Find Facebook Apps MenuWhere to search for Facebook AppsFinding apps in Facebook for Facebook is not easy. First, you need to know that to find the Apps link along the left hand side, you need to be on the "Home" page link on the top right menu, not on your page tied to your name.

It can be confusing that the "App" link doesn't appear on the side of your page, but you'll know you are in the right place when you see the menu on the left.

Popular Facebook Apps You Might NOT Want To Use

  • Feed Blog To Facebook via RSS - Like the Twitter integration option below, you might want to think twice about whether you want to import all your blog posts automatically to Facebook via an RSS Feed. The advantages are that you are sure your Facebook is updated and it's one less site to have post on (though you shouldn't let your blog feed be your only FB posts you make - boring!) And it can be helpful because people finding you for first time will have easy access to your blog posts without having to leave Facebook. One of many apps that do this is,
  • Integrate Twitter? We don't recommend this, but we mention it because it's often suggested. The reason it's not always a good idea to put your tweets in your Facebook feed is because if you like to tweet your Facebook Posts, you can end up with a lot of overlap and repetition that your follows aren't likely to appreciate.

Additional Services We Offer with Our Social Media Management Packages

  • Facebook Cover Photo Design
  • Timeline Management
  • Permission Management
  • Twitter Cover Design
  • Google+ Brand Creation/Optimization
  • Google+ Authorship Markup
  • Rich Schema Tags - Reviews, Authorship name and photo appearing in
  • Google+ Authentication - Follow through all the steps so you don't have to
  • Google+ Direct Connect
  • Add to Google Circle
  • Join Circle Groups
  • Adwords Integration - if you want your Google+ button on your AdWords ads.
  • Social Share Synchronization - We'll social updates are crosss postsed to each other
  • Brand Badges
  • Author Badges
  • Brand Widgets
  • Personal Widgets
  • Personal Plugins
  • Monthly Unique Facebook Posts
  • Monthly Unique Twitter Tweets
  • Monthly Google+ Unique Content
  • Monthly Facebook Relevant Shares
  • Monthly Google+ Relevant Shares
  • Work Report
  • Publishing Calendar
  • Facebook Shares