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How To Connect With YOUR Target

Pete Semple

You Can Write Good Copy Fast and Easily

What People WantAlex Safie writes a good blog about internet marketing and he shares a great infographic about what people want. There are universal truths in here,

Speak To YOUR Target

Indeed these are topics here that most people desire, but your own target market might not fall into these broad categories.

It's easy for internet marketers to say, "Go after this" or that, but real business owners know their real customers are more nuanced and they know what message is going to resonate with them.

These broad facts about human nature are  helpful, but you're not going to close sales with these generalities.


You don't need an infographic if you have the passion and customer insight that comes from experience selling your awesome product.


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You Know Your Market Best

The good news is you know your market better than anyone! Think about it - you think about and interact with your customers and potential customers every day. These are the people you are obsessed with getting inside the head of.

The list on the infographic is a GREAT starting place for selecting products thinking about recurring sales. But if you're already in the business of selling a certain product to a group of people, you are way ahead of this.

Close Deals With Friends

If you're lucky - and have lines of communication open, like Social Media (*gasp!*) then hopefully you and your customers have a great time tossing around ideas all day.

No matter what you do, you are in the business of helping people, right?

Whether you make tea Tea cozycozies or Chicago Cubs paraphernalia you know how to speak your customers' language.

Don't Speak A Foreign Language?

Neither do I. And I took Spanish for many years in high school and college. AND I married a woman from Colombia!

Thankfully my wife speaks great English, and she's in advertising. You know what she does to get inside the head of her Fortune 500 clients' targets? She talks to them and figures out what they are into. That's how it's done. Simple as that.

You probably are the best informed person about your target market out there. Simply write copy that hypes-up what you sell (BENEFITS, not features!) and you'll connect with them.

A Simple Secret Trick

Write copy like you are talking to people face to face. Imagine that you are trying to talk your friends into having the funnest day ever. Or your customers into the best decision they'll ever make (because you only sell really valuable stuff, right?). And write that down. It's that simple.

You can write good copy fast and easily. You don't need an infographic if you have the passion and customer insight that comes from experience selling your awesome product.

Don't have the confidence yet?

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