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"Should My Business Be Using Social Media?"

Pete Semple

If a small business or person or website isn't using social media it can cause anxiety. It can feel like you have to use social media because everyone else around you is constantly talking about it. Well, there should be an easy way to know definitively whether you should be participating in social media and this is it.

Four Question Quiz: How to Know If  You Should Be Using Social Media?

1. Do you sense a it would be awkward to be in Facebook (or elsewhere online) chatting with your customers? Some businesses and their customers don't mix that way. Go with your gut.

2. Do you have anything to say, or do think you'll hear anything new? Some lines of work are conversation starters. Some are conversation killers. How does the conversation flow at a party when you mention what you do? It doesn't have to be sexy if it generates questions. Accountants probably get asked lots of things in social settings.

3. Do you have a manager, marketing person or owner who can commit to it? This can't be left to young or junior level staff. Think of it as Public Relations, would you put Junior in front of the camera if a news team showed up? Thoughtful and knowledgeable participation will be expected.

4. Can you commit? Sometimes I'll come across a company's Facebook page where a customer has asked a question that's gone unanswered for weeks or more. If you can't commit, maybe now is not the time.