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Send An Email Of Pre-ReTweets - Crafty Twitter Tactics

Pete Semple

Nice Move, EzineArticles

Pre Retweets Ezine NewsletterTalk about mixing up social media tactics in new and effective ways, look at this email that EzineArticles sent to its list.

It provides several pre-written tweets with links back to related content on their site, then asks readers to retweet them.

Getting people to tweet and retweet isn't easy, but this has to be one of the best Twitter tactics out there.

Inbox ReTweets Made Easy

When you click the green "Retweet This" button it open a window in Twitter with the Tweet ready to go. We liked the Milton Berle quote and we like EzineArticles so we were happy to send the inspirational Tweet with a link to Ezine to our Twitter followers.

Why It's Interesting

  • It's Easy
  • It's Win-Win-Win - Helps Ezine, the Retweeters and their Twitter followers
  • It's Unique (for now)
  • It Counted As Their October NewsletterRight Hand Planning ReTweets EzineArticles
  • It Worked On Us


We're guessing that they're happy right now as they monitor the results of this campaign on Twitter.

That's a crafty Twitter tactic Ezine. It's almost like receiving an email, sending a retweet and turning that into a blog post.  ;-)