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Marketing Is The New Selling - Small Business Newz

Pete Semple

In an article today in Small Business Newz, Jon Jantsh discusses how salespeople have to become storytellers because prospects have so much access to information.

"Marketing Is The New Selling"

We couldn't agree more. He says,

In the traditional model marketing owned the message while sales owned the relationship. In the new model there can be little distinction. Marketing must get better at relationship building and sales must get better at message building and delivery.

This is a powerful insight and one businesses of all sizes can gain from pondering. Sometimes in internet marketing it can feel like a dreary grind to produce "content".

But creating content is fun when you think of it as entertaining your your audience while providing them with helpful information. Many people who are not in marketing or sales assume you mean sales when you tell them you are in marketing. And it's not usually a positive connotation.

When what Mr. Jantsch suggests is put into practice correctly, hopefully the connotation between sales and marketing can be made positive.

There's a lot of good stuff in there. Here are the sections of his piece:

For the individual salesperson this means the following:

  • Listening is the new prospecting
  • Educating is the new presenting
  • Insight is the new information sharing
  • Storybuilding is the new nurturing
  • Relationship building is the new closing

Read the full article here:

"Marketing Is The New Selling"

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