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Local Restaurant Makes Great Viral Video - Of Burglary?

Pete Semple

A day after being broken into and having their cash drawers stolen a local restaurant "Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos" in Las Vegas, NV created this brilliant video using surveillance footage of the crime in progress. 

The Marketing Lessons Are:

  • Builds their brand as a light-hearted business who turns to their community in a fun way in a time of need
  • Focuses on their product - these guys really want Frijoles & Frescas tacos!
  • Creates a unique and shareable form of content that makes you want to support them as victims who took matters into their own hands
  • By responding quickly the video has a timely, "newsiness" quality, which makes people want to share it more if they think it will help the business catch the bad guys
  • Added Bonus - Helps police identify the criminals by getting the content shared widely


So how is it working? From the top comments on Facebook it looks like it's having the desired effect of making people want to try their tacos and reinforcing the owner's fun personality