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List of Social Media Monitoring and Metric Tools

Pete Semple

Little Book of Social MediaIf you're new to social media or thinking about becoming new to social media (hey, it can feel like that big of a commitment!) then the list of social media metrics and monitoring tools below might scare you off. But rest assured that no one outside a well-staffed agency is using more than a few of these tools. The list comes from a very helpful introductory booklet called, "Little Book of Social Media" by ad agency Euro RSCG. It can be downloaded here,

How To Monitor Your Brand Mentions Online And In Social Media

The value in this list is learning the different ways that are out there to monitor your brand and company's name online. They don't all do the same thing, instead they represent a variety of different social media metrics, monitoring and analytics sites.

We wouldn't spend too much time on any one of them at first, but instead take a quick look at each to see if one of them speaks to you in terms of ease of use and delivering the data you feel will be most helpful.

Remove That Fear Of The Unknown

Although these sites might look daunting, we found that looking at each of the sites on this list actually made us feel like we had a better handle on social media because it gave us a view from the outside in.

Consider this, how many of your competitors are going to take one look at this and say, "fuggetboutit!" And how much more confident are you going to feel after you've been to these sites and can then say, "I know about that site, I've been there, checked it out".

New, Fun 2012 Social Media Monitoring Tool

Since this list was made in 2011, it's missing a biggie in new social media influence sites which is This one is fun because it shows your impact in the social world which you'll want to immediately start comparing with friends and competitors!

Below from "Little book of Social Media" by EuroRSCG

Twitter Search: Tweet Volume: Google Blog Search: Ice Rocket: Technorati: BackTweets: Blog Pulse: Who’s Talkin: Social Mention: How Sociable?: Addict-o-matic: eKstreme: TweetMeme: Compete: Alexa: Yahoo Pipes: HubSpot: SocialSniffer: Visible Technologies: