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Life Without Google?

Pete Semple

Google AdWords LogoIs such a thing imaginable, or is it a depressing, barren wasteland like Life After People on the History Channel? Scary or not it's worth considering. Check out Perry Marshall's take on Google's latest tinkering to their think-er-ing...

This morning I saw a post about Google testing display of click counts under ads. In other words, under your ad, Google displays "156,000 clicks for this advertiser."

Or, if you're new, "12 clicks for this advertiser."

Gee, thanks.

We're going to be blogging a lot about Google AdWords, Merchant Center, Insights and the other Google brand tools that ubiquitous company offers online retailers and businesses.

So with incredible timing came this email from AdWords guru Perry Marshall. The whole post is worth reading at,

But we wanted to share with you Perry's inspirational ending:

If you think Google is your Messiah, you’re just like the guy who thinks they built Vegas so he can make a fast thousand bucks this weekend. He’s gonna get screwed.

If you understand that Google is a TOOL, and only a tool – if you understand that it’s YOUR job to build a business that’s so irresistible that publishers everywhere are going to want to sell you traffic – then you’re going to be just fine.

Why? Because REAL business building is not about the nuances of buying advertising. It’s about:

  • Crafting irresistible offers
  • Building great relationships with customers
  • Gaining a cult following
  • Developing groundbreaking products that scratch peoples’ itches in clever ways
  • Creating experiences that customers rave about
  • Cultivating powerful relationships with other players in your industry
  • Making yourself an authority
  • Putting yourself in the “Toll Booth” position for whoever wants access to your crowd
  • Taking advantage of all forms of profitable advertising media and PR
  • Building systems that make you money
  • Putting that money in the bank
  • Cranking out new, exciting innovations
  • Harnessing your dysfunctions and making them productive
  • Inspiring a culture where people will climb over brick walls to be on your team
  • Being an alchemist

And stay tuned for our upcoming first hand accounts about setting up, using and keeping up with the Google business tools mentioned above.

We're not going to suggest becoming utterly dependent on Google, but it is still a tool we're going to use the heck out of to our advantage!

P.S. For what's it's worth, we suspect Google will not ultimately roll out AdWords Click Count.