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It's Not SEO, It's SEP

Pete Semple

Search Engine Optimization is really a misnomer anymore. These days it has to be Search Engine (and audience) Participation. Business owners not into the technical side of things should at least be aware that getting found online by people who matter, those most likely to buy, is not a matter of changing some settings and doing some linkage to get high rankings in Google.

It's true, many things can be outsourced that will get a site ranked. But nowadays the web demands content. And the more of that you outsource, the more you are outsourcing the conversation between your brand and your customer. That should give you pause.

You don't have to become a techno-geek. But we recommend you be rather hands-on about some, not all but some, of what your SEO or Social Media person is putting out there.

If you're unlikely to run an ad without approving the copy or hire a PR company to issue press releases and statements to the media without at least looking over them first, then consider the same oversight with your SEO.

How much oversight? Exactly what should you insist on seeing? We'll get to that next...