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Right Hand Planning is a professional marketing agency that develops marketing strategies that help brands build traffic, leads and sales.


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Internet Marketing Tools List

Pete Semple

Internet Marketing Tools

Keyword Research

The two keyword research and competition tools below are the ones we use to locate niche, product and content topic opportunities.

  • Long Tail Pro keyword research tool is best keyword research software we've found yet.
    • Why We Like It: It's Fast and it Filters and it's Easy To Use.
  • Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer is excellent in analyzing the competition for your selected keywords. Knowing the degree of competition before selecting a keyword can be the difference between fast success and a lot of wasted time and frustration.

And below are two more very popular keyword finding and rating tools. We own and have used all the tools on this list but have settled into a routine with the two above. Other SEO practitioners may have other combinations of preferences that work great for them. These are all the top tools in the industry.

We've tried many and our favorite keyword is still this one that just came out in January 2013.

COOL FREE One - Doesn't give numbers, but great keyword insight -

SERIOUS SEO SOFTWARE - Full-Function SEO Tool for DIY SEO = Magic Submitter. Here's the deal with this software: if you are serious about learning to do SEO yourself at home, this is the tool many of us use. It's more capable than GSA and more user-friendly than SENuke. I wish the sales page weren't such a typical "sales page" but don't be put off. It's good software that looks intimidating, but can be quickly mastered.

The free one-month trial is $4.95. The best way is to get to know the software. They offer very good help videos to walk you through all aspects of using the software. It's Windows based and runs from your PC.  Get the $4.95 trial here.

With this tool you'll want to use HideMyAss VPN to maintain and protect your submissions.

Email Marketing Optin Forms

Email Optin Forms with A/B Testing ($49) - Quickly create and test optins for footers, pages, posts, widgets and popups.

"Squeeze Page" Email capture WordPress plugin - Create beautiful, easy to use email capture forms for single "squeeze pages" AND page, post and widget optin form - Only $27!

Free SEO Tools

OpenSiteExplorer - from SEOMoz - find backlinks to your own site as well as those of your competitors!

Content Writing Tools

Social Media Tools

Keyword and Rank Tracking

  • Get Instant Site Rank Notification - Receive an email when your site ranks for a new term in Google. This rank tracking Wordpress plugin is $27 but it's been well worth it for us to know exactly how and when our SEO is working, know new terms we rank for to get new content and build a powerful FAQ list. Know instantly when and how a searcher is finding you.

Find Keyword Tools

  • Get All Your Your Competitors' Keywords with SEMRush. And learn the exact keywords people are using to land on your site.
  • Three-Column Keyword Building Tool - Use to add modifiers and change word order by combining keywords in up to three columns. Creates Broad, Phrase and Match in ready-to-import lists.
    • After using this tool and before importing to AdWords be sure not to have any extra spaces between words or Phrase Match and Exact match words will be be almost worthless.
  • Generate Local Keywords - Create lists of keywords with local place names -
  • - Links to keyword research resources and other tools

Google Webmaster Guidelines

These are Google's official rules for proper site setup, in their opinion. Google is often seen to be obtuse, but they publish the rules right here.

Email Management - An outsource resources to handle customer email activities such as setting and confirming appointments, followups, review requests and more.

SEO Reports And Tools

Use these tools to learn how your site is appears to search engines.

  • SEO Quake - Firefox plug in that provides real time SEO info in browser while surfing (backlinks, PageRank, Alexa score, more)
  • - Find popularity ranking, inbound search tems and related sites

Site Word Analysis - Find popular keywords on a site -

Find Inbound Links Free -

How to Test and Improve Landing Page Conversions

  • Google Website Optimizer - another free tool from Google. Always good to get their advice on your site's structure and set up
  • Unbounce - Software that helps you test landing pages. Inexpensive and simple
  • WhichTestWon - ideas on what to test
  • Monetate - Landing page/conversion site especially for online retail
  • WhichMVT - Helps you pick the right mulivariate testing tool

Newsletters and Websites

  • Site Point - The Useful and Usable in Web Design
  • Marketing Sherpa  - - "MarketingSherpa is a research firm specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing (and what does not.) "
  • Hubspot - - Sophisticated and relatively expensive (thousands a month) small business marketing software. However, their site also has many informative webinars and white papers available free.
  • Merchant Circle - Great networking resources for local small businesses
  • Small Business Newz - "For Business Success"
  • Manta - "We Do small Business",

Marketing and PR Tools

Free Ad Creator - - WYSIWYG html creator interface powered by Dreamweaver. Truly free, which is always nice.

PR Web - Press release writing and submission resource

  • Specialized software (Marketo is a good one but there are other choices like Eloqua and Pardot).
  • Someone to manage the channel. I kept everything in house, but there are specialized lead nurturing consultants, like DemandLab, for strategic or tactical assistance.

HARO - Help A Report Out - become a source for reporters seeking info on your topic. Free, and paid plans starting at $19 a month.

Small Business Software Solutions

Free Online File Storage

Dropbox - Free online storage that acts as a hard drive on the cloud (the internet). Set up a drag and drop file folder on your own computers and smart phone, or even access your files from any place you can get online.  A nice feature is the ability to share a folder with someone which makes sharing files very easy. Like Google Docs but much simpler and holds all file types. - Drag and drop file storage, similar to Drop Box.

Easy, Cheap, Plug and Play, DIY Shopping Cart

Wazala - In short Wazala is a dead simple, easy, shopping cart software that allows you to add an online store to any website, blog or social profile. Wazala takes 15 minutes to set up (yes that's true!) and NO you do not need to have any coding knowledge to do it. Built as a DIY with simplicity as it's main goal, yet feature packed with all the needed tools and services to run a fully functional store.

Cheap and Good Internet Outsource Sites

99 Designs – Great for graphic design, especially simpler projects like banner ads, logos and business cards. They run design contests, so you have to commit to reviewing the drafts. But, if you find a good designer, it’s easy to book them for side projects afterwards. Custom banner ads are only $200 for 1 treatment in a variety of sizes, which is a steal and great for refreshing creative quickly.

Elance – A wide variety of freelancers, with more writers. It’s good for research and content help. ODesk – Similar to Elance, but with more of a focus on development and technical freelancers. Great for coding projects, for when you need changes to your site that go beyond the basic WordPress interface. Mechanical Turk – Amazon’s service to outsource basic tasks to human workers. It’s ideal for routine work better done by people than machines (e.g., classifying photos). The cost is very low and you can scale easily.

On Site Tools

Find the colors on any website,


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