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Food Pics on Van? A Call to Action Example

Pete Semple

If someone had asked us if they should pictures of food on their van we probably would have tried to talk them out of it. But we would have been wrong. Because with the right photos, layout and background it actually works. Or maybe we were just really hungry. But at least there's a marketing lesson in here somewhere...

Call to action improvements
Call to action improvements

The Components of a Good Marketing Piece

There are many components to making even a single good marketing execution - picking the right audience, a strategic focus, creative visuals, clear copywriting, an enticing offer and a noticeable and easy to call to action.

Get The Right People's Attention

We were driving behind this van one day after a workout, and boy were we the target: hungry people who like Mexican food!

Call to action improvements
Call to action improvements

Then Make Buying Easy

But we had to scan the whole back of the truck at the red light to find out where we could buy this amazing-looking food.

Finally we noticed the logo in the bottom right. Great, but no 800 number? No website url? Back to scanning...

Ooooh! There in the bottom left in a font size much smaller than the giant food photos was a list of four locations to contact.

See below for our suggestions to improve the vital Call to Action...

Food ad call to action
Food ad call to action

Many Things Still Went Right

They did a lot of things right with this marketing, including being smart enough and brave enough to put photos of food on their van. Photos of food are hard to do well even in picture-friendly media like television.

There was a good chance that tacos, beans and rice in foil trays were not going to look good on a moving vehicle. But the art director did a great job with the layout and the food shots and selecting a good background.

The copy at the top works for us - this is for their catering business. "Build Your Own Party Tray - Any occasion or event". Clear that they have customizable catering options.

Food ad creative execution
Food ad creative execution

Our Preference for the Call to Action

A single, large 800 number that could take catering orders for any of the locations would be our preference for this execution.

And a memorable and relevant URL like MexicanCatering or something similar that the target audience (people who order for the office) would find easy to remember.

Make Branding Bigger Too

In addition to a single large call to action (instead of four locations), we'd suggest making the name and logo larger and hard to miss. That way if someone doesn't catch the phone number or URL they can look up the company online.

Now that visuals come up in search results be sure continue to include the colorful logo with name (as it now) so help the searcher connect the imagery with their memory, instead of a similarly-named competitor.

Food ad branding
Food ad branding