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How to See Google Encrypted Searches (not provided)

Pete Semple

At one point Google said that their new "encrypted search" would only affect fewer than 10% of searches.

Google Not Provided (Encrypted) Blocking Your Searches?

Well if you're looking at your Google Analytics you might be one of many of us who are seeing significantly more than 10% of their searches hiding under the "(not provided)" category. Not helpful is it?

There's a great free analytics program that we use, in addition to Google Analytics, called Stat Counter. In the image below Encrypted Searches are still there, but if you look at how we've named the URLs of the site (with SEO terms, of course) it's pretty clear the general keywords the searcher used in his or her query.

Do we know exactly what they searched? No. But it comes pretty darn close by tying a single search to the page that was served up as a result.

How See Encrypted Searches


Does Google Analytics give the ability to see which page was served by a specific search?

Is there another program or another detection method you know about for how to find the searches for encrypted keywords?

Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page,