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How To Reduce Your Bounce Rate Plugin

Pete Semple

Want to know how to reduce high bounce rates?

Do you ever wonder if Bounce Rates are accurate as reported by Google Analytics? It turns out the bounce rate figure might be accurate but misleading.

High bounce rates can be frustrating because it's suspected that Google uses this type of analytical data in their algorithm which means a high bounce rate might be affecting your rankings and having an impact on the popularity of your site.

Effective sites can have legitimately high bounce rates if their home page has lot of information, think of for example, or if visitors are invited to call an 800 number which accomplishes the site's marketing goal.

Easy Safe Way To Reduce Bounce Rates

We've often seen bounce rates on our sites and our clients' site at about 70% to 80% and some of these sites are very successful. So if you feel like your site's high bounce rate is unfair or inaccurate then you're going to love the free Wordpress Plugin as an easy way to reduce bounce rates. It simply adds a line of code to your site so Google registers the visitor even though they haven't clicked anything.

We just installed on one of our sites as a test and wow did it work:Lower Bounce Rate Plugin

Import Fresh Relevant News Headlines - Plugin

You might also be interested in this other plugin that pulls related news stories into your site. With this plugin you list the keywords related to your site and it will pull relevant headlines from major news feeds. It's not spammy and it doesn't autoblog. It just makes your site look like an up-to-date resource on your topic by providing headlines in a side widget.

This plugin works by searching news feeds based on a few keywords that relate to your site. It pulls in headlines and articles on those topics into a widget placed on the site.

It adds fresh, relevant content for your site and readers on every page of your WordPress blog — totally automatically, each and every day which actually causes Google to come index your site more often, and rank your site higher.

Here are a few features:Auto Traffic Widget Example

  • Your site will have more new, updated content
  • All of the dynamic content is directly relevant to your page’s topic
  • Google LOVES new, fresh, relevant content, and so your rankings will increase.
  • Ability to select any of the four most popular feeds, including Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News and Topix.
  • Manually add any valid, custom RSS feed you choose.
  • Choose any topic for your “default” feed

Related News Plugin

Related News Plugin Here -  $27. Also includes a one-month membership allowing you to download all their other plugins at same time, including the reduce bounce rate plugin.