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How to Maximize Your Business Presence in Google My Business

Pete Semple

Google has FINALLY consolidated their various business listing services into one central location called Google My Business,

Now Tell Google Your Businesses Service Area

For an innovative company Google sometimes does basic things VERY slowly (for example the clunky interface) on Google Plus, and in another example Google has finally gotten around to letting local businesses define the area they service.

Until recently, if you had a local business that serves multiple locations you faced a dilemma of having only one Google business listing (the Google-approved way) that would only appear in a limited area, thereby leaving the neighboring regions to your competitors, or creating multiple listings, one for each location, which Google frowned upon.

Now with Google My Business, you can your companies service area by radius or zip codes.

Google Business Service Area

Using My Business To Get In the Right Side Google Information Box

This question from a reader and our sums up a typical problem and the now simple solution,


Can you please help me and answer me my problem? My company Evershine International is on Google Maps, I have a vertified Google Plus page. When I search my company on Google by typing company name "Evershine International" it doesn't appear on the Google right side information box.

Google small business servicesBut when I write my company name together with word address "Evershine International Address" then it appears on Google right side box. Please help me and let me know why my company isn't appearing only with company name Evershine International. Thanks, Zakir

Our reply,

Hi Zakir, It's hard to know exactly what Google will show on a particular search, but be sure your business is listed in all the places with Google.

Google has finally consolidated their business service section in Google My Business, - Here you can list yourself in Google+, Google Places, Google Maps and everything else Google has to offer. This should make it much easier to fill out all the Google business listings in one place.