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Right Hand Planning is a professional marketing agency that develops marketing strategies that help brands build traffic, leads and sales.


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How To Get Your Site Seen And Shared

Pete Semple

National Lampoon's Kill This Dog HeadlineThis gentleman below (with perhaps one of the greatest names around) makes some excellent points about writing copy that gets read and shared. It reminds us of that old joke from National Lampoon. Some people won't find it funny. But it was eye-catching copy!


How Do You Motivate A Search Engine?

By Stoney deGeyter

• Fast food restaurants use words (and pictures) to make you feel hungry. Rarely do you see a sign that says "eat" with a picture of some random burger in the display window. No, instead, you learn about the burger through the words and pictures. And it's not some random picture, it's the perfect picture, the one most likely to stir your stomach!

The more passionate you can make your customers through your words, the more you motivate them to talk about you. The more they talk, the more the search engines listen. And, to a search engine, there is no greater motivation for wanting to deliver traffic to your site than what you are saying about you!