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"How to Get More Clicks in Google's Evolving Search Results" in Search Engine Watch

Pete Semple

We've mentioned Search Engine Watch before. It's the industry newsletter and we subscribe to the weekly edition which comes out on Friday. The weekly keeps us up to date without being overwhelming.

Google's Evolving Search Results

Today's issues has several important, hands-on things that can (and should) be implemented right away to improve your placement in Google's evolving search engines results page (SERP).

Here are the topics, but it's not about the bullet points. who wrote the piece gives you exactly what needs to be done to complete the tasks:

  • Explore Rich Snippets As a Way To Get More Eyes On Your Results
  • Get in With Google+ and Rel=Author Before Your Competitors
  • Take Advantage of Self-Hosted Video In The SERPs

Get HOW TO Advice

Again, it's not an article saying these topics are important, it's a HOW TO complete these important steps to keep up with Google's latest changes.

How to Get More Clicks in Google's Evolving SERPs