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How To Get A New Web Page Seen

Pete Semple

If you're putting up a new page on your website and you want visitors to find through Google and through other means there is a great free tool called Social Monkee. You probably already know that adding your site to social media sites is a necessary stepping in making your site visible, but it's also a handy (and needed) way to get a new page seen.

Hopefully you already know that each page of your site is viewed by search engines as a separate source of information. That is, your "site" (usually homepage) might rank well but if you add a new page about Blue Widgets, and your site's homepage is about Best Widgets Ever, then use Social Monkee to bookmark your new Blue Widgets page on 25 sites.

Social Monkee is a push button tool for this helpful step of getting noticed. It's not intended to put you at the top of Page One and we're not promising tons of traffic tomorrow. But it's one of several simple steps SEO folks, online marketers and business owners take in building their backlink profile.

Social Monkee 25 instant bookmarks