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Does A Website Still Matter In Social Media World?

Pete Semple

Moms trust company website over brand's social mediaIt's supposed to be all about social media in 2012, right? Well according to the article below if you are marketing to moms they still trust the good old company website over a brand's Facebook page or Twitter tweets.

A brand's website still is second to recommendations from family and friends (true word of mouth) but it's interesting to see the power the traditional website still has.

We're not saying abandon social media, it's still part of the mix and isn't going away, but it's not time to abandon the fully immersive and informative experience that a company website can deliver either.

The Real Value of A Traditional Website

It wouldn't be surprising to learn if this is true for other markets in addition to moms. Consider the advantages of the tradition website from a consumer point of view:

  • Website has fewer distractions on the margins than a Facebook page or Twitter feed
  • Company site allows for many pages of in-depth information
  • The website is likely to attract more serious, lower funnel shoppers (those closer to making a purchase decision)

How To Put Your Website To Use

This is only one article about one study but it does generate some common sense thinking. Depending on your market, product and goals it might be worth going against popular opinion regarding some aspects of social media use.

Things to consider:

  • Moving prospects from social media to the site to further the relationship, instead of the other way around
  • Own company-customer dialogue within private channels (i.e. email, phone, sales team, etc.) rather than through social channels
  • Encourage customer to share your brand through social media to attract prospects instead of self promotion

Why Word of Mouth Matters to Moms

(Fox Business February, 20, 2012)

Even as moms increasingly rely on social media recommendations when buying for themselves and their families, word-of-mouth from friends and family still has the most influence on their purchasing decisions, a new study shows. And brand websites still edge out brands' Facebook pages and Twitterstreams as mom-trusted resources.