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Tale of Two Reward Redemptions

Pete Semple

CVS Rewards programStory of Two Loyalty Rewards - the good and the less good We have a CVS drugstore chain discount card and on the receipt was a note that we'd earned $5 dollars off a next purchase of $20. For the next few visits we spent the $20 in the right department and didn't get the discount. Then we went with someone else and she pulled out her CVS receipt so they could scan the barcode and she got her discount.

A Reward Should be Easy and Enjoyable

Oh! I had to carry around that flimsy little receipt and pull it out to get the discount? Didn't they have my earned rewards in a database as a result of scanning my card? After all, they knew to print the offer on the receipt...

All it said about the offer on the receipt was, "Extracard must be presented to get these savings..." Look, it's not a huge deal to me. But I take note of these things. What a waste of a loyalty offer. It did get me to buy more stuff, but I'm not feeling great about the "reward" or encouraged to be loyal because I never got to use it. Where is the Clear Call to Action - "Bring Receipt for $5 Off"? That's all it would have taken.

Best Buy Called Me to Remind Me to Use My Reward - Several Weeks Ahead of Expiration

That sums up the other experience. What a difference. And I feel so warm and fuzzy about Best Buy I'm bothering to write about it. I feel like a welcomed part of the Best Buy family. I know, I need friends who aren't brands.