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Right Hand Planning is a professional marketing agency that develops marketing strategies that help brands build traffic, leads and sales.


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Why Use Guest Blogs?

Pete Semple

PART I - Why Use Guest Blogs?

PART II - Guest Blog Content Strategy

PART III - Guest Blog Post Options and Rates

Benefits of Guest Blogs

Reach New Customers

To get more exposure of your brand and product to your target audience - that's the best reason to use guest posts on blogs that share your target audience.

Reach Prospects When They're Most Receptive

Find online strategic partnerships

It's a bit of a zig-instead-of-zag strategy to get subtly in front of potential customers when they are open to an informational message, but they don't have the defenses up like they do when they're shopping for a product and are expecting to be "sold" to.

Form Partnerships with Related Businesses

Another huge benefit of reaching out to fellow bloggers and site owners is that you get to meet people in related business that share the same customers. This is the kind of networking that lead to many more great strategic alliances from co-op advertising deals, to actual joint product development.

Make Competitors Keep Up

The more contacts you get, the more you expand your base and create networking opportunities. And to keep you motivated, don't think that your competitors are doing the same thing! Guest blogging is a hot strategy right now.

For every connection you make and relationship you build there's one more partnership you have, and one less partnership your competitor can use to expand!

Get Content Based Backlinks for SEO Benefit

Backlinks from other content-based sites have always been considered among the most safe and effective backlinks for SEO search benefits.

These are links another site had to agree to give you and therefore they can act as a strong vote of confidence which in turn can get your site ranked higher in the search engine results.

Guest Blog Services

Guest blogs are the safe and effective and way to get traffic to your main site and backlinks to your off-site content.

The problem is who has time to write posts and them contact sites until someones actually respond?

That’s why we have two guest blog post services where we write the articles and get them posted for you!

Blog Post for Links – For as low as $19.90 per post (at 10 post rate) you get 10 high quality articles written and posted on Page Rank 3 or higher blogs owned by our pre-selected partners.

These are perfect for building high-quality backlinks to your best off site content like videos, off-site blogs, Squidoo lenses or hosted content like PDFs, infographics or presentations on sites like SlideShare, etc.

Guest Blogs for Traffic – These are hand-picked niche blogs we contact for the first time just for you to post an original article that we'll write and submit for you. These blogs are Page Rank 3 minimum.