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Format Love - How to Be a Preferred Guest Blogger

Pete Semple

Guest Blogging - Popular, Effective and Hard Work

Guest bloggingWriting guest posts for blogs in your niche is a popular practice right now. Contacting bloggers, getting a response and then actually writing the article is a lot of work.

Give Your Host Perfect Submissions

We have a few blogs we accept guests posts on, and we're happy to do it and it benefits us too, but the vast majority of the submissions we receive require simple formatting changes that the people submitting material to us could have done to make posting their material easier.

The first person to make these simple changes, which will help them too,  is going to become our favorite guest blogger!

Formatting Tips to Be a Good Guest Blogger

As someone who accepts guest blogs we have a few tips for how to be a good guest blog submitter. Considering the time it takes to find and establish a relationship with someone with a blog in your niche who is willing to accept your material it makes a lot of sense to keep that person happy.

Use the following tips when submitting your material and your posts hosts will love you!

  • Send the Material in a .txt File

Why? Microsoft Word has a ton of extra code so it's not a good practice to copy and paste from Word into most website content management systems. When we get submissions in Word, the first thing we have to do is paste them into a very basic text editing program like Notepad or Text Wrangler. Not only does this strip out the excess code, but it also removes any formatting you may have added like hyperlinks and bold.

  • Put Your Hyperlink in HTML Format

Why? It's let's us copy and paste you article in one step and it saves you the time of creating a hyperlink in Word that will be undone when we paste the article into a text editor.

Many people we get submissions from are writers not techies so it's understandable that they don't know the HTML format for a hyperlink (though it's easy to find  online) so here it is: <a href=">keyword anchor text</a>. That's it. Insert this with your information so the sentence reads normally. The "keyword anchor text" part between the > and < brackets are the words that will be hyperlinked. Doing it this way will also make sure we don't make a typo when we insert the link that was lost in the Word strip down.

  • Include an Image File

Skitch free photo editing software

Why? Blog owners want a nice looking blog with images to break up the text so their readers have something to look at. If you don't provide and image, then we have to go looking for an image - from any of the free image resources that you also have a available.

Since a relevant well-named image helps out you, the guest poster, too you should include one with your submission.

  • Use a SMALL image file

Why? It's going to be a small sized image used to accompany an article and it needs to be a small file size to load fast and not slow down the site. Sometimes the guest poster will submit large, high resolution photos, maybe to have something high quality to go with their post or because they download that size and didn't the time to make it smaller. You should.

Your image doesn't need to be more than 250 to 300px wide or high. Use MS Paint or other free software like Skitch (easy) or Gimp (advanced) to make the image size smaller. And please crop out extra background to the top, bottom and sides if it's not needed to convey the main point of the image.

  • Give Your Image a Good Filename

Why? It's good SEO for search engines and visitors. The filename is going to be seen when visitors mouse over the image. The images we receive almost always have names like gy579.jpg. We have to change this because we don't want our visitors to see that filename if they put their mouse on the image.

Also, we want our page to be optimized to your topic. If you want us to publicize your article on pregnancy tips name the photo you send "pregnancytips.jpg" it helps you and it helps us help you, which makes us want to work with you again :-)

Improve the SEO Benefits and Your Chance for More Posts

Taking these simple steps will give an SEO boost to the blog page where your article appears, which in turn helps pass the "link juice" down to your blog, which is the reason we're all doing guest blog posts to begin with!

And as importantly, being a good guest blogger by making submissions easier to upload and post, you'll get your posts online faster and become a favored writer on more top blogs.

Hope that helps! And check out our new article writing service and guest blog post service.