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Right Hand Planning is a professional marketing agency that develops marketing strategies that help brands build traffic, leads and sales.


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Guest Blog Content Strategy

Pete Semple

Guest Blog Post Content Strategy

Expand Your Audience with a Smart Content Strategy

Grab a prospect's attention and create a customer for life when you offer them just the right information at just the right time. These perfectly-timed intersections can not only get people onto your website, but can also create customers for life because you become seen as a trusted expert.

Content StrategyThe way to do this is to create a content marketing plan to give prospects just the information they're looking for.

Content Marketing Strategy Example

If you think about how we search for information, there's almost always a process that starts with broad searches about what we're trying to achieve and then gets more specific as we understand the choices and evaluate options. In marketing it's called the "Purchase Funnel".

For example, consider how a shopper might search for a low MPG car:

  • First they find a list of low MPG cars
  • Then they decide if they want a small or family-size car
  • Then they consider foreign or domestic
  • They pick one and research manufacturers
  • Finally they pick a brand look at the models and options

Meet Prospects at Every Stage

As you can see, the search goes from broad to narrow. Since people's searches cover several different topics, the information they need to consider to make their choices is very different at each stage of their search.

Use Search Terms In Headlines and Content

A successful content marketing strategy can use articles, infographics and videos with relevant headline and content to answer a searcher's question at each stage of their search.

With this strategy you increase your opportunities to get your name in front of customers and guide them with helpful information throughout their search. Of course, your helpful content should invite them back to your site where you highlight how the features of your product meet their needs.

How to Make Sales with Guest Blogs

Set Up Landing Page for "Conversions"

The goal of your landing page should be to make a "conversion", whether a sale, or sign up, phone call or download. Getting visitors to your site is hard work so be sure the landing page people click through to has a clear way to capitalize on that traffic to meets your goals.

A proper landing page should...

1.) Be on the same topic as the article. Ideally your landing page should complete the conversation and ask for the sale (or other conversion).

Customized email optin form example.2.) Have a clear Call to Action with benefit. The call to action can be, "Call now to save money" with phone number or "Sign up here to learn to lower your taxes" next to a sign up form.

Remove Distractions

Consider removing sidebar items so that the call to action (buy button, sign up form, download, etc. is the only "actionable" option on the page. In WordPress most themes have a "Page Width - No Sidebar" Page Template option (might not be an option for Posts).

Don't link to your home page if it's not where sales or "conversions" take place OR if it's on a broader topic. You will lose viewers if you link people to a page that forces them to look for the information they were just reading about.

Ultimate Inbound Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing and Guest Blogging are the ultimate Inbound Marketing strategies because they use content on third party sites to reach to potential customers with helpful information when their defenses aren't up against being "sold to".

The third-party credibility that comes from having your material appear on another person's website and a guiding approach of helpful content that seems to be answering exactly the question people are asking at that moment will provide a huge boost to your brand's awareness, trust and credibility moving forward.

Guest Blog Options

Guest blogs are the safe and effective and way to get traffic to your main site and backlinks from your off-site content.

Strategic Partnerships with Related Sites

High quality backlinks and traffic come from getting your content posted on popular sites or bogs in related fields. It's thought that Google considers backlinks from highly relevant sites to be of high value which can help your site in the search engine rankings.

Equally important is that visitors who come from related sites are likely to be much more interested in your material than less-relevant sites where your content might be hosted.

Examples of related sites:

Let's say you have a site about home schooling in Indiana and the Education section the Indianapolis Star runs an article you send in on their website.

Or if you get a guest post published with a link back to your site from the non-profit Indiana Non-Public Education Association's website. Traffic from both of these sites are likely to have an audience very interested in your education-related site.

External Sites for Backlinks and Traffic

Additional backlinks and traffic to your site are obtained by hosting your off-site content like videos, articles and PDFs and presentations and infographics on third party content posting sites such as HubPages and