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Great Content Marketing Example

Pete Semple

Here's a short video showing interesting results from a study on procrastination. Read below for how it serves as a great content marketing example.

How Is It Content Marketing for Insurance?

It's an interesting video. And it's a GREAT example of content marketing from Prudential. There's nothing in the video itself about Prudential or buying financial planning services or insurance.

The topic of procrastination is only tangentially related to insurance and financial services in that they are products and services many consumers put off buying.

What Makes It Effective

It's on a subject almost everyone can relate to, procrastination. It's brief, informative, entertaining and well produced. Quite shareable too.

Remember toward the end of the video where there are blue screens with text describing the process and results of the study?

Did you notice that the blue color and font are the same as the Prudential brand? Subtle. And then the last title slide openly promotes the company and products.


It would be interesting to know if it worked as a marketing tool. It would certainly seem to raise awareness that Prudential sells investments and insurance, which might be their goal. Will it sell policies? Only they know...