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Google Rank Tracking And Why We Think SEO Still Works

Pete Semple

Do Seo And Backlinks Still Work?

We think proper on-site SEO settings and an ethical and strategic SEO backlink plan will improve your site's rankings in Google.  Here's why we think so:

Google rank tracking results with rank track plugin

Google Rank Tracking

We've written about the rank tracking before (and there are affiliate links in here, thanks for helping us enjoy our Peet's Coffee - Major Dickason's blend, mmm!) and we're mentioning it again because it's important to track what's working so you know where to direct your efforts.

The above email comes to us thanks to a great rank tracking plugin (only $27).

Do Google Ranks Still Matter At All?

Google rankings are not an absolute like they used to be. If you get a notice like the one we got above, it doesn't mean that's what everyone will see.

Google search results have become quite nimble and now include many factors when deciding which results to present to a searcher. The rankings a searcher sees vary by variables like location, browser search history and other things.

And this is fine. In fact it's great from a user point of view because accuracy and relevancy are what make Google number 1.

Variable Google Rankings Are Nothing To Fear For SEO People

There's no need to worry about these new variable search results. Yes, your rankings will not be the same in searches all over the country. But if you follow Best SEO Practices (write quality content, connect with people in your field, put all the right signals in your on-site SEO, etc) you'll notice you're getting traffic for the terms you want.

Another Advantage Of Quality And Ethical SEO

If you spread quality content in places related to your line of work where your potential customers gather, you'll get very high quality traffic from those sources and won't have to worry so much about Google rank. AND your Google rank will probably improve anyway for having a natural profile.

So good SEO pays off in many ways. But we still like to track our Google rankings (a $27 plugin) because knowing the terms that show your site is still valuable information... :-)

Do you agree? Or do you think we've missed something important? Let us know below!