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Get More Fresh News in Your FB Timeline with this Change

Pete Semple

Same Old Stories from Big Name Sites?

Have you noticed you're seeing the same days-old stories when you log into Facebook? Does it seem like you're only hearing from a few of the many pages you like?

It's not just your imagination. And it's not because the other pages you like haven't been posting anything, they have. Facebook is just not automatically showing them to you.

Why You're Not Seeing Fresh Variety of FB Posts

Facebook it's constantly changing the way it shows news and shares in your timeline. And right now they're choosing to show more popular stories than giving frequent posts from wide selection of the pages you follow.The result is stale news from the same small group of posters.

See More Updates from ALL the Pages You Like

There is an easy way to change the stories you see to get more variety and more recent postings from all the pages you like. But for some reason it's not the default setting on your news feed.

Click on little arrow to the the News Feed, in the drop down menu change to Most Recent from the default selection of Top Stories.

How to change Facebook News Feed

Spread this Tip To Get Your Own Posts Seen

Consider sharing this tip with your friends and customers because if you're a small business person it could help more people see your posts.