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Two Free Images for Commercial Use Sources

Pete Semple

Searching "Free Images" online and digging through the results of sites that aren't actually free is very frustrating. But with these two resources you won't waste time digging through misleading sites that come up in search results or poking through tons of Creative Commons images that don't match your needs. One of the tools is a professional stock image photo site and the other is a WordPress plugin that puts relevant rights-free images into your blogging dashboard. And they even automatically add the proper image attributes! Get free images for from this great site, They even offer free images that you can use commercially.Site with free images that can be used for commerical use

Free Images Terms Of Use

Here are the terms and conditions that they ask you to follow ( Basically all they ask is that you give them credit with a link and don't download and store more images than you're actually using. But don't just take our word for it, go ahead and read their their short terms, it's a T&C that's actually easy to read.

Bookmark these guys and use their photos to make your life easier.

In fact, I suggest you get on their mailing list. I got an email from them today about Halloween photos and it reminded me what a great resource they are. Who says email marketing is dead? Not us. We're on a lot of great lists, we just unsubscribe to the bad ones.

Free Creative Commons Images Wordpress PluginFree Creative Commons Images WP Plugin Photodropper

The Wordpress Plugin PhotoDropper lets you easily search, insert and give credit for Creative Common license images. This tool has made our blogging life so much easier.

The old way was to change the setting in Google Search to only search Creative Common license types for commercial use, and the results were not good. We're finding MUCH better images by using this PhotoDropper plugin.