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New Free Easy Social Traffic Tool

Pete Semple

What's Faster Than A Social Monkee?

Recently we wrote about Social Monkee which is a decent bookmarking tool to get deep Social Adr social sharing - you bookmark theirs, they bookmark yourspages indexed, but for spreading your site farther and wider to get actual visitors we recommend SocialAdr.

Google is going to start ranking their search results by a site's level of social interaction. They've all but said so (read Search Engine Watch, the definitive industry source - we get them weekly, it's enough).

And better than pleasing Google, good social links provide real targeted human visitors who are interested in your site's topic. For one of our sites, StumbleUpon, HubSpot and Tumblr drive almost as much traffic as Google, and that's with minimal effort put into them so far.

SocialAdr is a very simple concept. You set up your social media accounts and then share other people's content that you want to share. By doing so you earn credits for having others share your content.

There are paid options where it's done automatically or just put in a few minutes a day sharing and others will do the same for you.

People helping each other share their content through social media? The concept does fit the strategy really well. Check them out, SocialAdr.

Social Adr social sharing - you bookmark theirs, they bookmark yours