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"Flip" Google's Penguin Update

Pete Semple

This started out as a social media link-building post, but I got on a bit of a soapbox about reacting to Google updates while writing about it. So it's about a little bit of both. There's a list of ideas of things to share on social media at the bottom.

This Is A Post-Penguin Post

Have you noticed that it's now important to know whether SEO posts where written before or after which latest Google update? Otherwise readers will wonder if it's out of date, even if the post is only a few months old. So now you know where in Google Update Time (GUT) we're coming from with this post.

Flip Google's Updates: React? No, Repose.

Google logo upside downThings are changing quickly these days with Google - but you know what (and we're getting a little off topic here, be back on topic soon, I promise) - what all these Google changes reinforce is that basic, link-building fundamentals remain strong.

Freak out because Google updated? I'm tired of that. I'm going to "flip it" - my thinking and reactions, that is - and instead of reacting, we suggest  keep doing what you do as long as it's natural marketing. Google updates will come and go but principles of marketing, especially those tied to human nature, remain strong. Google updates mostly throw off people living on the edge.

End To Social Media Sales Pressure Tactics

The fact that after all these Google updates you can still do fine using basic linkbuilding strategies and tactics should come as a relief if you've ever felt pressured by "Use This Technique Now!" high-pressure product sales pitches tied to using Social Media.

Did you hear about the kid who made $15,762 in 24 hours on Facebook? Me too. And I doubt it and I hate to think that newcomers were taken advantage of following it. Hopefully it worked for those who bought into it.

Social media is like socializing, hang with people who share your interests, stay in touch and bring something interesting to the conversation.

"Gotta Work On Your Fundamentals, Kid!"

It turns out that Internet marketing is like sports in that you can't get away from the game's "fundamentals": build many links steadily and naturally that add value to people and sites that are related to your business niche or audience.

It's classic networking. Meet and greet, keep in touch, share a few tips, expand your circles and repeat. Same as in the 1920s, 1980s, 1990s, etc.

Content Based SEO

Content Marketing is now the new internet marketing buzzword. And the concept is solid but not that new - share helpful and insightful information and people will appreciate your generosity and view you as a thought leader.

Does Content Marketing put an end to SEO? Not really, because you still want your content still needs to be shared which means getting links so Google sees it's tied into the greater web. One-off content posts hold little weight and value. We prefer to merge the terms and view it as Content Based SEO.

Internet Marketing After Google's Penguin Update

And using the latest tools technology isn't bad or good, it's just helpful if done in an organic and non-skeezy or spammy way.

A guy whose emails we enjoy, Perry Marshall, has said that Social Media use should have a demonstrable ROI. It does after all require an investment - your time. But nothing stinks more than a salesly social media personality.

While I love the idea of ROI and the 80/20 rule - two things Perry Marshall is big on too, I don't agree that Social Media use always has to have a bottom line ROI. Other link building isn't held to an ROI, attending a business lunch or seminar isn't subject to ROI, etc. But these things have long term strategic value.

Social Media's most powerful applications have been as a force of good in the world. People set up Facebook pages and send tweets about people or societies in need. Facebook pages created to help dealerships sell cars don't seem to "go viral", do they?

Think Pre-School: Share

Glad-hand on social media by sharing things you and your audience have in common. And be social and generous doing so.

For example, Dan Thies at SEO Braintrust has a brief little video explaining how to share on Social Media.There's a short product pitch at the end but I think people expect and go along with that as a small price for otherwise free info.

The gist of the video (and you should still go watch it) is that you want to provide helpful info to your "friends" on social media - your own material and that of others, get to know people, share and share-a-like and show a human touch. Networking fundamentals.

How exactly to do that? Here are a few tips that could have come from the How To Blog days and they work for social media too:

  • Share a list of help items - good questions to flesh out press release topics, for example
  • Share different viewpoints on hot topics - today it's Penguin, tomorrow it will be Google latest animal
  • Use a real life example to support your take on your topic. People love to read about people. They even made a magazine based on this fact. I can't remember what it's called...oh yeah, "People".
  • Pick someone local
  • Pick someone famous
  • Pick someone not famous,a quiet unsung person doing the right things
  • Be a trend spotter. Academics make teaching and author careers writing about what they see people, organizations and animals doing. And that's fine, spelling it out and defining things helps us all understand the way world works and how to do things better.

Stick to the Fundamentals, Kid. And Don't Fret Google, Flip Google