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Right Hand Planning is a professional marketing agency that develops marketing strategies that help brands build traffic, leads and sales.


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Uncover Your High Ranking Keywords Automatically

Pete Semple

Do you look in your Google Analytics stats to check the traffic you're getting from unexpected keywords and phrases? That's an interesting list to see, but it doesn't tell us when those searches were made, how frequently those terms are searched, where we ranked in the search results, or which of our pages came up.

This plugin tells you all of those things, records them in its Settings page in Wordpress and will even email you the information.

Why is this important? Because while we are building pages and writing content to target certain keywords, sometimes we get lucky and get ranked for unexpected related words and phrases. If we're only watching the keywords on our list, we could be struggling to get on Page One and miss out on the instances where we're already there.

In other words this plugin lets you pick the big, ripe, low-hanging fruit. And even tells you when it's been picked!

Search Rank Alert Plugin - $27 for use on multiple sites

One Step Better Than "SEO Search Terms Tagging 2" Plugin

If you're using Wordpress and the (great) Plugin SEO Search Terms Tagging 2, it's another way to learn how people are landing on your site.

Because while we try to "rank" (get  a high listing in Google search results) for our targeted keywords, it's also worth knowing where you're getting traffic naturally so you can increase effort and add more content on those topics where you're already being found.

Simple, no-hype sales page. He's a nice gentleman, there's a three minute video (not autoloading!) in which he gives an overview, and it's a good deal at only $27.