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Familiar Promotional Tools Get New Life in Unfamiliar Places

Pete Semple

Coupon on roll of toilet paperBig companies pay a lot of money to get their advertising noticed and to make it memorable. Here are two simple and low cost examples that manage to do both. The first we couldn't help but notice when it showed up in an unexpected place. The second idea is to use a the oldest business calling card in a simple yet effective new way. My wife and I once went back to a six-month-old bank statement to locate a business, when all they had to do was do this...

A New Twist to Coupon Promotions

From the photo above you can see we're talking about the coupon-on-the-toilet-paper-roll idea. This simple promotion was not to notice because the placement was so unexpected.

And not only did we take a photo of it and blog about it, but we even laughed with friends about this unique idea. An old idea, couponing, on a new place gets renewed interest and respect.

Not sure if I'll redeem the coupon, but it goes to show that there are still ways to be creative in promotional placements

How to Keep Your Business Accessible After the Customer's Experience is Over

We loved this second idea not because of its brilliance but because of its practicality. At Season22 Business Card with Restaurant CheckSeasons 22 in Costa Mesa, CA they give you their card with the bill. How easy and basic is that? Every business has a business card. Yet most of us hold on to them for trade shows and other higher, b2b transactions. These guy figured out the obvious - give them to the customer so they can remember us.

It was a local restaurant in a remote town we'd been passing through that we were looking for when we went back to a six-month-old bank statement a few weeks ago. If the restaurant had just provided their business card with the check, we would have put it in our business card file and located it right away.

Without something to remember the place (except a charge on an old bank statement) we were left having one of these conversations, "Remember that place in that cute town west of here? The one with the tile mosaic and the cool stand-alone style sink in the bathroom?"

"Yes! Where was that place? What was it called?"

Simple and Common Tools to Promote Your Business in New and Handy Ways

What are you currently doing to promote your company that can be placed, tweaked or presented in a new way that causes customers to remember you, or makes it easier for them to keep your name and number close at hand?

Have you done something similarly unique and memorable? Please email us or post a comment below to tell us about it and how it worked out...