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Facebook Marketing Results and Tips

Pete Semple

Real Facebook Marketing Results

If you're curious about Facebook marketing and wondering if it's worthwhile, take a look at these actual Facebook site stats to see how many more Likes, reactions and reach you can get just by running an active Facebook marketing campaign.

Facebook marketing results

Facebook marketing can work IF you actually do it. It can be hard to get motivated so hopefully seeing these results will inspire you to give it a try and start growing your community. There's a big difference in New Likes and Total Reach between Silly Sallys and our anonymous site at the top.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Let's face it, Facebook marketing can be intimidating. It's something young people do easily and that's probably what makes it more scary. Or it's something young people used to do, the age of Facebook users is getting older.

But we don't have to keep up with young people or their interests to become comfortable on Facebook. We should be using Facebook to join up with things we like and know about, and that's easy.

Think of Facebook marketing as a place where you hang out with people like you who share your interests. It's easy to go to a meeting or a party where you all share an interest, right?

Here are few examples and tips:

  •  Find groups that match both your business and your target audience.
    • If you're a birthday party clown your target is parents and kids. So Like the pages of local bakeries that make cupcakes and birthday cakes, museums, kids party places. In fact, you should know these people in person as well, but you can reach more and do it faster by going to Facebook.
    • You could also join the Facebook groups of the neighborhoods you serve and offer tips as a neighbor not as a clown, though you can post as your Page.
  • Join the conversation as said above, but also Comment, Share and Like their comments and events which will give them exposure to your audience. Your audience (parents and kids) will appreciate the topical tips and the original poster will appreciate and hopefully reciprocate your sharing.
  • When you post make them Relevant, Interesting and Useful to your audience. Can you self promote? Yes! But if that's all you do you can see how it can be a turn off. It's better received when you're also known as a regular provider of unbiased info.

Be Sure to Check Your "News Feed" for Things to Share

Do you feel like all you see are the things you post and those from a few close friends? That's probably because you're looking mostly on your Timeline which Facebook filters to only show the people you interact with most in order to make it manageable.

You want to be sure to check the Home or the News Feed buttons on Facebook. The Home button in the top right takes you to the News Feed, which is also sometimes visible on the left depending on which page you're on.

The News Feed is where ALL the posts of the People, Groups and Pages you Like is shown. The News Feed is fertile ground for finding things to share.Here are the two location we're talking about.

Facebook News FeedFacebook Home Button


Share and Participate. It really just comes to down to activity. It takes practice to get social if you're not already doing it. The proper approach is to think about what you can say or share to help others, sometimes this will be related to your line of work and more often than not it should be for your audience's benefits only.

If you want to get noticed in the community, show and up and participate in the community.

Difference Between "Like" Your Facebook Page and "Like" Your Site Content

The difference is that when someone Shares your post it goes into their News Feed once but it doesn't cause them to Like your page. When they Like your Facebook page your posts appear in their News Feed regularly and you're always connected to them until they Unlike you, unlike a Share which is one time event.

So the preference is to get someone to Like (or Follow) your Facebook page (creates ongoing relationship) than to Share (also sometimes called Like) your content (still valuable, but creates only a one-time event, not a relationship).

In this case we're talking about the Like (FB page) or Like/Share (content) buttons on your website that link people to your Facebook page. The Like and Share buttons underneath the posts on Facebook are another topic we discuss just below this list of Facebook plugins.

Three Good Facebook WordPress Plugins

  • Facebook Like Button Plugin - This free and simple Facebook WordPress plugin lets you offer your visitors both options to interact with your content and Facebook.
    • The "f My Page" (f = follow) brings them to the front of your Facebook page (where they'll still need to click the Like button once they're there. Just clicking the button used to "Like" the page automatically but it appears FB only allows that with the own Like Box, see next item.)
    • The "Like" option puts the visitor's like of your content into the area on Facebook where Likes are shown.  I know, they break all the language rules above but whattyagonnado?
    • Click both of our buttons at the top of the page to try it out!

    Facebook Like Plugin

  • Then there is Facebook's own Like Box option (THIS one allows for one-click Liking of your FB page) and it creates the familiar Facebook-branded box on your site with a Like button under the name of your Facebook page has photos of the other people on Facebook who like your site. It's one of several Facebook Social Plugins.
  • See the box on the side of our site for an example and click the Like button at right to see how it works!

Facebooks's Like Box Plugin

  • AA's Digg Digg Alternative - This is a good plugin with a funny name. It provides a floating sidebar (or other placement options) to get people to Like (share, not follow. If you follow ;-) your single page or post.


Difference Between "Like" and "Share" Buttons On Facebook

In the actual Facebook site, these two buttons have the opposite meanings. If you see a post on Facebook and click the Like link at the bottom, your friends will see a little notation that you Liked something. If your click the Share button that content will go into your News Feed which is more visible than the notes about what the things you Like. Facebook knows how to makes things confusing don't they?

Social Media Services

If you'd like help setting up your social media accounts including adding cover photos and find online partners who share your target audience consider one of our Social Media marketing packages.

There are plan for basic levels of posts and frequency all the way to robust plans with tons of social sharing and original postings. No matter which plan you choose, the content will be relevant because we'll plan it out together on your own content publishing calendar.