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Event Gift Card for Charity Event

Pete Semple

From Bottle Label to Gift Certificate in Less than a Week

House of Blues Mel Gibson Event

First we started to make a label for our client's supplement to be given away at Mel Gibson's charity event at the House of Blues in Hollywood on Valentines Day 2014.

Our client was going to give away her new supplement, but because it hadn't passed clinical trials yet decided to give away a gift certificate allowing people to redeem a free sample.

Eye-Popping Postcard and Redemption Page

Quickly we went from FDA label requirements to product redemption gift card. No worries! We created a sexy, eye-popping tease of a postcard and related website for product redemption.


With the gift card no one is taking supplements the night that KISS is playing at House of Blues Sunset Strip! Plus we have data capture and branding opportunities as we get Greta B Big O's new logo and message into the hands of Hollywood's partying elite (or at least their assistants).

Fast Turnaround

It took our graphic design team a weekend and a Monday to get the Gift Certificate artwork print-ready and we sent it to the printer on Monday night and had it by Tuesday 5PM. Please don't ever ask us to do this!

At the same time we had to ready a website redemption page, including Gift Certificate #, for people who wanted to redeem product online. Not a problem, we can do that!

 Detailed Data Entry Web Page

How to send out 200 samples and watch for double redemptions? We created a special web page and redemption form.


The URL (domain) was only given to attendees of the event and they had to have their Gift Certificate number to have the product shipped to them.