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Easy Ways To Spread Your Existing Content

Pete Semple

"Content" are the words, pictures and images you use to share information, inform customers and showcase your knowledge online. Sharing RSS Aggregator Example iGooglecontent is the backbone of internet marketing because it spreads your information to more people and provides backlinks that help Google value your site's popularity. But sharing content can be time consuming if you're manually submitting it to multiple sites by hand.

Using RSS To Share Your Content Online Fast

Manual submissions are still a good and necessary way to gain visibility and traffic, don't get us wrong, but there's an easy first step to quickly share your content and have submit it to RSS feeds (sites that accept content via RSS - Real Simple Syndication).

(The photo at the right is an example of RSS aggregater iGoogle. It shows how an RSS aggregater can be used to read articles from many source on one page.)

How To Invite Your Site's Visitors To Get Your Content Via RSS

Internet marketers know that RSS feeds are a great way to share your information online. Other sites get information through RSS which presents an opportunity for your content to be picked up by them and shared to their viewers. Symbol to Get RSS Subscribers

Visitors to your site can also add your RSS feed to their RSS aggregator such as iGoogle (example pictured above) so that your information appears in iGoogle or other "feed aggregator" they may

Fast Way to Submit Your Content to RSS Feeds

If you're using Wordpress for your website there's an easy to automatically submit your content to as many RSS feed-accepting sites as you can find (and we provide a list of dozens below you can plug in).

To enter the list below and have your posts automatically submitted go to: Settings -> General. At the bottom of the page it says, Update Services and there's a box where you can put a list of URLs to receive your content updates.

**IMPORTANT: Now, the box is only 2 inches tall giving the impression that you should only add a few sites in there, however, anything you add in there will scroll so you can add as much as you want - and you should!

What Results Can You Expect From RSS Syndication?

A little. Sorry, wish we could say it would leads to blowout levels of traffic, but nothing does. Quality, safe, internet marketing is performed by building one brick at a time into your structure.

There really are no shortcuts anymore (on a side note - a great little private blog network called Build My Rank bit the dust this week. Google de-indexed their entire network of blogs. And that means Google has a list of their customers - who have not yet faced de-indexing).

So this is another piece in the Slow and Steady share and build content sharing and backlinking strategy that we recommend.

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List of RSS Feed Sites for Your Wordpress Blog

This list has been around a while and we know a few of these sites are out of date, however considering there are over 200 on the list that's still TONS of places to get the word out.